Yari, Kaneshige, 5.9 inch

Out of polish and has two nicks.
One fukure by bohi and one long running fukure about 1/2 inch long on one of the triangle sides.
On the "mune" there is a small "crack?" on one side about 1/16 inch long but does not follow to the other side -- rusting?
There is lot of nie showing and you can see nijuba and sunagashi-like activities.
Should be a very good looking yari after a polish.
Shinshinto with full pole.

Asking $1650 inventory 8/94/14
David McDonald


1994aug14 blade
1994aug14 blade.jpg
1994aug14 blade 2
1994aug14 blade 2.jpg
1994aug14 blade triangle side
1994aug14 blade triangle side.jpg
1994aug14 nakago
1994aug14 nakago.jpg
1994aug14 nakago mei
1994aug14 nakago mei.jpg