Katana signed Omi (no) kami Minamoto Rai

Information about sword here
Type - Katana
Maker - Unknow
Period/date - koto or shinto
Length - 26.5 inch
Hamon - seems to be a mix of choji and gonome with nie
Fittings - Saya lacquered but covered in leather
Fuchi-kashira - Shakudo
Menuki - horses
Tsuka - brown ito in hineri-maki
Other Information - Blade is out of polish with scratches.

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Image 1 of the sword's signature
Image 2 of the sword's signature - large
Image 3 of the sword's hamon
Image 4 of the sword's hamon
Image 5 of the sword's hamon
Image 6 of the sword's hamon
Image 7 of the sword's hamon

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