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Project 1 Nakagonuki - Helps remove tsuka from shirasaya


Nakagonuki is a solution to the technical problem of removing a tight shirasaya tsuka.

If you have a blade in shirasaya and you want to see the nakago, what is the best way to remove the tsuka if it fits tightly? There´s no tsuba to help you, and tapping with a mekugi on the tsuka may damage the wood. I have also seen the tsuka wood damaged by screwdrivers, hammers and other assorted tools.

What would be the best way to remove the tsuka safely?

The safest way is to use one of the wedges of the Nakagonuki.
Place one of the wedge edges flat on the end of the tsuka and tap lightly on one of the other sides/edges on the wedge. Use a plastic or wood mallet. DO NOT use a metal hammer.
At the side is a drawing with dimensions for a Nakagonuki that I bought 15 years ago. Mine is made out of ironwood. But any hardwood should work.

The following is information from Fred Lohman. He is a retailer of supplies for the Japanese Swords and has some Nakagonuki for sale. "The Japanese have had this problem also. To solve it, they invented a tool that is referred to as a 'Nakagonuki'. It is a 'hammer & wedge' that work very efficiently."

Solid Ebony wedge & hammer head with solid Bamboo handle. The cost: See Fred's web site. Limited quantity: :
Fred Lohman Co. 3405 N.E. Broadway. Portland, OR 97232 USA

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