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Katana 26.25 in, Mumei, Koto A great blade with lots of activity that received 72 pts at shinsa. It was judged to be from the school of Hakushu Hiroyoshi made around 1592. The blade has a saya with new/moderned lacquered (not so good) and a great sukakashi tsuba. Not wrapped (hilt)
Inventory number 3/08/3
Asking $3500 sold
View Details, Yari, Kaneshige, 5.9 inch Out of polish and has two nicks. One fukure by bohi and one long running fukure about 1/2 inch long on one of the triagle sides. On the "mune" there is a small "crack?" on one side about 1/16 inch long but does not follow to the other side -- rusting? There is lot of nie showing and you can see nijuba and sunagashi like activities. Should be a very good looking yari after a polish.
shinshinto with full pole
inventory 8/94/14
sold Asking $1650
View Details, Wakizashi, Mumei, 17 5/8 inch suriage koto Out of polish wakizashi with a number of small wari Hamon is a very large midare with gunome and choji (maybe choji ashi) Has a great gold foil checkered habaki and a brass tsuba (maybe not be old) and a wood saya in leather cover.
inventory 8/07/5
sold Asking $850
View Details, Wakizashi, Mumei, 17 3/16 massive early Shinto late koto Out of polish wakizashi that is very massive. Has bo-hi and so-hi on omote side and 2 so-hi (futasuji-bi) on the ura side. Looks to be active suguha hamon Nice tsuba signed Josui? with a black ribbed saya.
inventory 8/07/2
sold Asking $1900
View Details, Tanto, 8 15/16 inch, old koto yari remounted as a tanto Nice mounts of iron and silver floweres.
inventory 8/07/04 sold Asking $1500
View Details, Katana, 25 5/16 inch, Fukumoto Kanemune, 1940s WWII period samurai mounts with green ito and old tsuba with black lacquered saya. Kanemune is the legitimate son of the famous WWII smith Fukumoto Amahide.
inventory 8/12/08
Asking $1250 sold
View Details, Katana, 25 15/16 inch, Noshu ju Kanenari, 1943 WWII shingunto tsuka and tsuba and a wood black lacquered saya. No menuki or ito Kanenari lived in Osaka
inventory 8/12/09
Asking $1450 sold
View Details, Katana, 26 9/16 inch, Noshu ju Ido Hidetoshi saku kore, 1940s Shingunto mounts, poor tsuka, poor leather, poor polish
inventory 12/06/04
sold Asking $550
View Details, Katana, 27 13/16 inch, Osafune ju Sukesada, Shinto/koto A kanbun Shinto style blade but both nakago and hamon looks like a koto blade. Nice Bizen choji hamon with lots of activity. The blade is in shirasaya with a brass habaki.
inventory 8/07/11
Asking $1750 sold
View Details, Katana 26.9 in, suriage with one kanji left at the end of the nakago, shinshinto A very active blade in new polish. Great hada and nice hamon. Good sukashi tsuba and good waves and ship fuchi/kashira. The blade received 73 points at shinsa to Kanetomo.
Inventory number 3/08/2
Sold Asking $3500
View Details, Katana, Mumei, 74 cm with papers (72 pts) for Kawachi Daijo Masahiro. Full polish by Jimmy Hiyashi. NTHK papers to Masahiro, Condell note to Masahiro and NBTHK papers to Hizen Kunihiro
Inventory number 7/08/1masa
Sold Asking $7500

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