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View Details, SOLD Sword cane
View Details, SOLD A mumei Otanto that is 12.2 inches long. Most likely dates from the Shinto period. Has phoenix & dragon fittings. The hamon is Suguha w/ nie and some activity but the blade is out of polish. Fittings - Fuchi and kashira are iron with dragon and the saya is banded black with kojiri and kurikata iron with phoenix Blade is out of polish and has scratches and light rust staining. Saya is missing koiguchi. SOLD Asking $1150
View Details, Katana by Koto Kiyomitsu ** SOLD priced reduced to $2600
with *** PAPERS at 70 points ***
View Details, Katana by Sukenao ** GONE price reduced to $2750
with *** PAPERS at 73 points ***
View Details, Sold Near Mint Gendai-to by Kuniyasu
View Details, SOLD, A katana in nice mounts. Signed Fujishima Toyoyuki from late koto to early shinto. Does have a number of hada ware and fukure yabure. Asking $1250
View Details, SOLD, This is a very graceful long mumei katana of the Yamato school that measures 30.5 inches (cutting edge) and has the appearance of the finest Koto tachi done by the Yamato school.
View Details, ****SOLD A shinshinto katana in nice mounts. Mumei and 27 9/16 inch long. Asking $1550
View Details, SOLD *** A WWII period wakizshi. 23.5 inch long with shingunto mounts. Very good polish. Asking $475
View Details, SOLD ***O-tanto, shinto 12.25 inch A superb mumei Otanto that measures 12.9 inch. Great polish and very good mounts.
*** PAPERS to Echizen Seki, 1660ís ***
View Details, SOLD -- A katana in Naval mounts
View Details, SOLD -- Showa-to katana by Sukemitsu
View Details, SOLD ---- Otanto from Sunshu shimada school
with *** PAPERS at 70 points ***
View Details, SOLD ---- Wakizashi signed Kunihiro with horimono
View Details, ** sold ** Interesting Koto Tanto
View Details, ** SOLD **Interesting wakizashi signed on blade's mune
View Details, ** SOLD ** Tanto signed Sukekane, 11.7 inch, 1890ís shinshinto -- Asking $1400
View Details, **SOLD** - Great Wakizashi of the Sue Bizen school
View Details, **SOLD** Showa-to katana, 1940's, signed Tamahiro
View Details, **SOLD** Star stamped Munetoshi
View Details, **SOLD** Wakizashi signed Hoshu ju
View Details, **Sold** Wakizashi by Tadayuki, nice higo tsuka.
View Details, **SOLD** US Civil War
View Details, **Sold** Wakizashi by Hiroshige
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